10 Super Easy Tricks Every Driver Should Know

Who has time to clean their car by hand or even wait an hour at the valet? Now you don’t have to. There are some amazing tips that could help you maintain your car.

After reading these easy tricks for maintaining your car, you might just end up kicking yourself for all the time and money you’ve already spent.


1. Tie Up Your Phone


So you never really got around to buying that phone holder that’s extremely important for your safety when driving? Now you can make you own.

Simply thread a rubber band through your air conditioner vent for your own makeshift holder.

2. Fast Food Holder


Only a driver will know how irritating it is when your clean car is stained with the spills and oil of fast foods. Now you can use your shower caddie to keep meals in place during a bumpy ride.


3. Make Your Own Trash Can


Do you always end up with loads of rubbish in your car without having a clue as to where it came from? Now you can keep your car dirt free by placing a plastic/paper bag over a cereal box to store those pesky papers and wrappers.

4. Back Up Easily


Attached a tennis ball with a string to your ceiling in the exact that saves it from prangs and having the garage door shut on it. Now you can reverse with ease into your garage by knowing exactly when to stop.


5. No Aircon Needed For Cool Cars


Fact: Using your aircon takes up more gas which means more money.

However, to cool down your car quickly, simply roll down one window and close the door on the opposite side five to six times. The hot air escapes through the door and the cool air enters through the window, making for a quicker and cheaper method of cooling down your car.

6. Use Your Chin For Your Car Remote


The oils in your chin serve as an adequate conductor for increasing the range between your car remote and your car. So, for the times when you are more ladened down with packages than DHL, open the car door, simply by using your chin.

7. Stop Windshield Cracks With Nailpolish


But this is only for pantyhose right? Well, you’re wrong, and we’ll explain why. Nothing quite as torturous like watching the crack in your windshield extend further.

The nail polish acts a temporary solution to these torturous times when you are watching the crack in your windshield extend further and further across your viewpoint. To stop your pain, simply brush clear nail polish on both sides of the crack  and then pull it into the sun to dry.

Simply brush clear nail polish on both sides of the crack and allow the sun to dry.

8.  Use Your Plunger


One always opts for the panel beater when it comes to dents. However, simply use your plunger to pull out those small and unsightly dents.


9. Create Your Own GPS Stand


If you’re using your phone as your GPS, create a stand with rubber bands and a binder clip and resting it in between.

10. Let Your Shoebag Organise Your Travel


To make life somewhat easier when travelling and your important goodies more accessible, use one of your shoe bags to tie against the back of your passenger seat and you’re good to go.

Now wasn’t these tips just so affordable and absolutely easy? Are you kicking yourself?



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