What To Do When You’re Hi-Jacked in South Africa

Being hijacked in South Africa is unfortunately a real concern for motorists. It happens at the most unexpected moments and the reality is that you never know when you’ll be a victim.

People respond differently to hijackings depending on their natural instincts of “fight, flight and freeze”. However, reacting or retaliating in the situation could prove fatal.


So, what should you do in the case of you being hijacked?

1. Do Not Panic

The hijacker is way more nervous than you are and any sudden movements, actions or screams could put your life in danger.

Arrive Alive said: “It’s important to note that most hostages and/or victims of hijacking survive the incident and are eventually released/rescued. In most instances, injuries and deaths are results of actions taken by the victims.”

2. Comply With The Hijacker

Any instructions given by the hijacker, comply with them. However, do not offer valuables unless asked. If you are asked to hand over your possessions, don’t resist. Remember no item is worth your life.


3. Be Honest and Open

When asked any questions remain honest and open. If a lie is sniffed, this could make the situation more violent than needed.

Arrive Alive said this: “Perpetrators can be anxious and have a tendency to over-react”.


4. Pick Out Details of Hijacker

The situation will undoubtedly be stressful. However, try and pick out details of the hijacker that could help police identify them later. Such as tattoos, height, eye colour, accent, clothes etc.

5. Bring awareness Of Children in Your Car

If the hijacker is not aware of children or babies in your car make sure you let them know of their presence.

6. Don’t Retaliate If Attacked

The last thing you want is to respond if you are slapped or hit. Instead, fall flat and remain submissive.

7. Call Law-Enforcement Immediately

As soon as the perpetrators leave the scene, call the police immediately. Inform them of all the details you mentally noted and in which direction they’re headed. Don’t wait for the police to arrive, give them all the information over the phone.




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