Friday the 13th: Avoid the bad luck get covered

It’s Friday the 13th which means many superstitious people will be freaking out. Jason Voorhees (the character) of the movie Friday the 13th is coming to get you…


Nah just kidding!

However, to avoid bad luck, get yourself Car Insurance and Motor Warranty, and you will never have to be in financial distress again.


Here’s what you need to know, bad luck doesn’t just happen to superstitious people or on Friday the 13th, it can happen to anyone on any day.

So while the going is good, best you consider Car Insurance before a black cat decides to scratch the paint off your shiny car.


The benefits for Motor Warranty Insurance are…

You have some peace of mind

You’re financially covered if/when your vehicle breaks down due to mechanical or manufacturer faults. This is why Motor Warranty Insurance is so important, it covers you for all the needed repairs and provides you with a towing service.


Your car gets maintained

So you have Motor Warranty Insurance. We hope you read the fine details of each package, because depending on the package you have, you are able to choose regular servicing on your vehicle to keep it in a good running condition.

And the benefits for Car Insurance are…

There are no financial worries

Unexpected events occur, we know that, but that doesn’t mean we are always financially prepared. With the amount of accidents in South Africa, there is no way to guarantee that you will never cause an accident or be involved in one.


Getting a Comprehensive Car Insurance package means that you will be financially covered for any damages obtained to your car or someone else’s car.

You will never be left without wheels

Another benefit of Car Insurance is that you will always have a set of wheels… dependent on your package of course.

It covers more than just you

Having car insurance covers more than just you and your car, but it also protects your spouse’s car and other dependents’ cars.

Always remember to make sure you have the right Car Insurance and Motor Warranty Insurance package. For more on Car Insurance visit ClicknCompare to get a free quote with the best Car Insurance deals.



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