The biggest pet peeves when driving in South Africa

From the taxis to the wannabe cool guy driving in the fast lane going 60km/ph (road rage is real Mr. Driver). These are just some of the things South Africans hate when out on the roads.

Driving is a stressful in itself and we all live in constant fear that we will ding our cars (however severally)

Here are the biggest pet peeves on South African Roads


Terrible Taxis

First on the list has to be the taxis in South Africa. They are so unpredictable by the time you walk in the office  there’s just no need for coffee because your adrenaline is sky high.

No matter where you go, it feels as if they own the roads and they smell the fear from the drivers behind them as they swerve in and out of traffic causing chaos.


The Slow Guy In The Fast Lane

When you’re driving in the fast lane there’s a sense of power. Is this the reason why the guy whose exhaust is smoking insists on driving in the right lane?

The Drunk Driver

South Africa is known for being the worst in the world for drunk driving. Not the best record for a country to hold but it’s a fact. And when you encounter the out-of-his-mind drunk driver, well, let’s just say you have two choices, drive as slow as possible or move to the next lane and get the hell out of there.

Either way, it’s annoying and scary to know that some people just have no consideration for the lives of others on the road.


The Cyclists

There is an unspoken animosity between drivers and cyclists (perhaps because they have more freedom) which in recent year’s has become quite evident. Arrive Alive reported that there was an increase in the number of  cyclists dying on South African roads.

One of the reasons Arrive Alive mentioned was due to motorists being unaware of cyclists. Earlier this year a Durban motorist was arrested after killing two cyclists on the highway. Yes, on the highway, which is illegal.


Another incident occurred last year where two members of the SA Navy started whipping a jogger and seven cyclists in Kalk Bay, Cape Town. They must have really been annoyed.

The Texters

Texting and driving is on the rise and so is the high blood pressure of fellow motorists who have to endure the obvious distracted driver.


Ever heard of a blue tooth headset and how many times did Oprah run the “Don’t Text and Drive” campaign? Too little, it seems because South Africans take this law very lightly.

The FirmIpsos OTX1 ran a poll finding South Africa with one of the highest proportions of texting and driving. They found that 40 percent of SA drivers text and drive.

These are South Africa’s biggest pet peeves when it comes to taking the road. So, if you’re a taxi driver be considerate, a cyclist make yourself visible and someone who carries whips, don’t use it.

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